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My Absence at the Meeting

My Absence at the Meeting / Regina Coyula

Regina Coyula, 25 April 2016 — The political , who consider
themselves such faithful followers of Jose Marti, know that with regards
to the battles of thought, they’ve lost. Thus this weekend’s operation
to prevent me from participating in a meeting in Pinar del Rio was
unnecessary and ridiculous. Following is a report from the meeting.

The Coexistence Study Center Begins its Second Meeting of Thoughts For Cuba

Convened by the Coexistence Study Center, for 23-24 April in Pinar del
Rio, the Second Meeting of the Journey of Thinking and Proposals for
Cuba, with the participation of more than 20 Cubans from five provinces
began today.

The theme of this Second Meeting is “Legal and Constitutional
Transition” and its objective is to propose a set of laws that provide a
secure framework and facilitate the reforms Cuban society needs. And, as
a result, to prepare, with citizen participation, an orderly and
peaceful constitutional text that will lead the Cuban nation to a future
of , social justice and progress, transitioning from law to law
without traumatic ruptures.

The result is expected to be published on the Center for Coexistence
Studies website, once the proposals have incorporated proposals from the
session held in our Diaspora Center, as well as the proposals for “The
Cuban in the short, medium and long term.”

The debates and creative workshops on thoughts and proposals are
animated by the presentations of renowned Cuban jurists among whom are
Lic. Rene Gomez Manzano and Lic. Laritza Diversent, who, although she
was prevented from leaving her residence in Havana to participate in the
meeting in Pinar del Rio, offered her lecture by telephone.

When one wants to work and think for Cuba nothing it is impossible. Also
prevented from participating in this meeting was Pedro Campos, a member
of the Academic Board of the Centre for Coexistence Studies and Regina
Coyula. All other guests were able to attend.

Dagoberto Valdes Hernandez, director of the Center for Coexistence
Studies, said in his opening remarks for this second academic session
that “Cuba needs organic thinking and constructive and feasible
proposals emanating not only from experts in each topic, but also from
an increasing citizen participation and broad inclusive consensus
building , for the good of the whole nation.”

Source: My Absence at the Meeting / Regina Coyula – Translating Cuba –

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