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Russia to finance UN-led hurricane relief programs in Cuba

Russia to finance UN-led hurricane relief programs in Cuba
February 8, 2017 TASS

Russia will finance UN-led relief efforts in Cuba, hit by the
devastating Hurricane Matthew last year, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“As part of participation in international efforts to clear the
aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Matthew that had hit Cuba, the
Russian government has decided to finance water supply and sanitation
projects of the UN Development Programme and UNICEF in Cuba,” the
ministry said in a statement.

“The decision to help Cuba was made as part of Russia’s state policies
in assisting international development. We expect that Russia’s support
will help to boost the Russian-Cuban relations and partnership with UN
development organizations,” it said.

The UNDP leads projects to clear the rubble and restore infrastructure.
“It is planned to produce construction materials straight on the site
from the rubble obtained while clearing the debris, allowing not only to
dispose of the rubble and get construction materials needed for
reconstruction, including of residential areas, but also to create jobs
and means of subsistence for the local population,” the ministry said.

UNICEF is engaged in efforts to purify drinking water and ensure water
supplies to healthcare facilities. “Measures are being taken to
normalize sanitary and hygiene in houses and objects of social
importance. In total, more than 300,000 residents of the affected
regions will benefit from projects in water delivery, sanitation and
hygiene,” the statement reads.

Source: TASS

Source: Russia to finance UN-led hurricane relief programs in Cuba |
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